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When to start charging for battery in normal use ?

When to start charging for battery in normal use ?

This is often seen on our BBS, because the charge and discharge times are limited, so the cell phone battery should be recharged as much as possible.However, I found an experimental table about the charge and discharge cycle of lithium-ion batteries. The data about the cycle life are listed as follows:

Cycle life (10%DOD) : 1000 times

Cycle life (100%DOD) : 200 times

DOD is the abbreviation for discharge depth.It can be seen from the table that charging times are related to discharge depth, and the cycle life of 10%DOD is much longer than that of 100%DOD., of course, if the conversion to the actual charge relative to the total capacity: * 1000 * 200 = 200 = 100100%, 10% of the latter to fully charge and discharge is still relatively good, but in front of the net friend of the idea to do some correction: under normal circumstances, you should have a reservation, according to the principle of battery remaining power run out to refill charging, but if your batteries in your expected to 2 days can't insist on the whole during the day, it should start charging in a timely manner, of course, if you are willing to carry the charger to the office when BieLun again.

And you need to charge for the upcoming is expected to lead to the communication of the most important events in the busy, even when there are a lot more than battery, so you can just charge in advance, because you didn't really lose "1" time charge cycle life, namely "0. X", and often the x will be small.The principle of recharging a battery after it has run out is not to go to extremes.As well as long charging, there is a popular saying that "try to run out of battery power on your phone, preferably by turning it off automatically".

The idea is to avoid memory effects on nickel-battery batteries, which unfortunately are also used in lithium-ion batteries.There have been cases of people using automatic shutdowns without charging their phones after warnings that their batteries were too low.As a result, the mobile phone in this case did not respond to subsequent charging and starting up, and had to be sent to the customer service for maintenance.This is actually due to excessive discharge of the battery caused by too low voltage, so that normal charging and starting conditions are not available.