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    Is it universal Lead acid charger and lithium charger?

      Is it universal Lead acid charger and lithium charger?
Our daily life consumer electronics,charger are neceesary and almost are being used per day,However,we don't know much about the battery and chargers.

As a person who has little contact with the battery at ordinary life except using, it is precisely because of this that we sometimes lack the necessary safety awareness for the use of the battery and chargers.
Today, let's the senior old engineer Mr Eric.  ( eric@qilipowersupply.com ) with 30 year experience who is working in QILI POWER SUPPLY INC introduce battery and charger safety knowledge for you. 

According to different battery materials, lithium metal battery, lithium ion battery,
lead-acid battery, lithium iron phosphate battery and so on are common.
Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in consumer electronics and electric vehicles. For
example, some people buy electric cars with lead-acid batteries and replace them with
electric cars with lithium-ion batteries.
For this, the relevant data shows that this is not feasible.
Because the lead-acid battery charger is generally set in two or three charging modes, the
voltage level of lithium battery and lead-acid battery is not matched.
There are many kinds of lithium-ion batteries, and the battery performance and parameters
of the battery protection panel may be different.
So unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries do not have a universal battery
charger.and Lead-acid battery charger is designed and matched.
Typically, lithium-ion batteries come with a dedicated charger when they leave the factory.
To protect the lithium battery, use a special charger.
The following are the matters needing attention when charging lithium batteries:

1. For keeping the longer life of lithium batteries, charge and discharge
lithium batteries frequently is very necessary.
We should have the habit of charging electric cars after using 80% power. We should not wait for the electricity runing out before charging them.In addition, lithium batteries should not be stored not to use for a long time.

2. When charging the battery of the electric vehicle, the electric lock must be closed and
the battery cannot be inverted.

3. When charging the lithium battery of the electric vehicle, it will float for another 1 hours when the charging indicator light shows full power rahter than stop charging immediately.

5. When charging the lithium battery, it needs to use a matching charger. Because the
battery material is different from the production process of lithium battery, the technical
requirements for the charger are also different, so only using a special charger to charge
the lithium battery can make it live longer and prevent safety hazards.

6. When the lithium battery is out of power, the power should be turned off for cycling. It
is not allowed to run at the rising voltage to prevent serious power loss, so as to extend
the battery life and protect battery againt bursting into flames

From above batrery and charger introductions knowledge,  we know it is very careful and serious matter to choose a special and matched chargers to charge the corresponding battery. Safety is vital.

Finally, hope my share is helpful for you, if you have any inquiry,you also can contact me,I will be very pleasure to discuss with you.

Author: Mr Eric (Senior Electronic Engineer)
E-mail: eric@qilipowersupply.com
Link:      http://www.qilipowersupply.com

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