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What is difference about UL standards Difference of power supply ,battery charger,LED Driver?

Difference of UL1310,UL1012 and UL8750 standards
UL 1012 Power Units Other Than Class 2
UL 1310 Class 2 Power Units (type ii transformer)
UL 1310 is applicable to the definition of Class II power supply Class II (Class II) appliance structure in the IEC standard, which means that the shock protection does not depend solely on the basic insulation, but also includes an additional safety protection measure, such as double insulation or enhanced insulation, and does not provide protective grounding or depend on the installation environment.
Once the appliance meets the "class II insulation requirements" in the relevant IEC product standard, the relevant symbol shall be marked to indicate that the appliance is class II appliance.
UL 1012 except for 2 types of power supply devices using switching power supply, the battery charger for portable devices or portable devices in the 7th edition requires protective devices to prevent the battery from reverting.
The protective device shall suppress the current countercurrent during the output circuit fault.
Battery chargers need to be reviewed and possibly tested to determine if they meet the new requirements.
On 29 April 2007, UL 1310 type 2 power supply equipment, new and revised requirements for release 5 May affect direct plug-in equipment.
The battery charger shall have protective device to prevent the battery from countercurrent.
Protective mounting should inhibit current countercurrent during output circuit failure.
Battery chargers need to be reviewed and possibly tested to determine if they meet new and revised requirements.

UL8750 is the standard required for both LED lights and LED drivers. The output of UL1310 is limited, such as power less than 100W led driver power.
The power supply in LED lamps should also meet the requirements of UL1310.

Although there are different UL standards like UL1310,UL8750,UL1012 for switching power adapters, battery chargers, and LED drive power, the choice of UL1310 power products with extremely strict standards and higher standards will be safer and more reliable.