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Item No.: LA10**
6V-12V Lead-Acid Battery Chargers
Input: AC 100~240V
OUTPUT: 6.9V 1.2A, 13.8V 0.8A
Suit for: 6V,12V 1~6Ah AGM,Gel,VRLA Battery
Charge Process: CC+CVH+CVL(3 Stages mode)
LED Indicator: Bi-color LED, RED/GREEN
Protections: Short-circuit, Reverse Polar
Product parameters
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers: Chargers for 6V-12V Lead-Acid Battery
                                      Battery Chargers for 6V-12V Lead-Acid Battery      
Model Output Battery type  
LC1006 6.9V 1.2A 6Volt 2~6Ah Lead-Acid Batteries View More
LC1012 13.8V 0.8A 12Volt 1~4Ah Lead-Acid Batteries View More

  • Input: 100~240V
  • Output: 6.9V 1.2A,13.8V 0.8A
  • Charge Process: C.C. + Bulk C.V. + Floating C.V.
  • Charger Indicator: Bi-color LED indicator, “Red” for charging “Green” for full charged or idle
  • Output Protections: battery polarity reversed or the output connectors shorted
  • Safety Approval: CE,UL
  • Size: 81 x 51 x 28mm
  • Battery type: 12Volt 1~4Ah Lead-Acid Batteries
Detail Description
programmed 3 auto stages (CC-Bulk-Float) charging process.
It is designed for all kinds of 12V 4~12Ah Lead-Acid battery, such as SLA, AGM and Gel battery.
With Bi-color LED battery indicator, easily know the charging process.
Protection mode for battery polarity reversed or the output connectors shorted.
UL, CE approval (EN60335-2-29 and UL1310)
Application: Power Tool, Electrical Toy, Mobile Lamp, Security system,car battery charger,motorcycle battery charger,automotive battery charger,golf cart battery charger and so on.