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Lithium Battery Chargers

3.7V-11.1V Lithium Battery Chargers

Item No.: LC05**-USB
3.7V-11.1V Lithium Battery Chargers 
Input: AC 100~240V
OUTPUT: 4.2V~12.6V
Suit for: 3.7V~11.1V 1~4Ah Li-ion, LiPo
Charge Process: CC(bulk)-CV
LED Indicator: Bi-Color LED, Red/Green
Protections: Short-circuit
Safety Approval: CE UL
Size: 6
Product parameters
Lithium Ion Battery Charger: LiPo Battery Chargers for 1~3 Cell 3.7V~11.1V Li-ion Battery,USB power chargers
                                                      3.7V-11.1V Lithium Battery Chargers 

Model Output Battery type  
LC0504 4.2V 0.8A 3.7Volt (1Cells) 1~4Ah Li-ion Batteries View More
LC0508 8.4V 0.6A 7.4Volt (2Cells) 1~3Ah Li-ion Batteries View More
LC0512 12.6V 0.35A 11.1Volt (3Cells) 1~3Ah Li-ion Batteries View More


  • Input: 100~240V
  • Output: 4.2V~12.6V
  • Charge Process: CC(bulk)-CV
  • Charger Indicator: Bi-Color LED, Red/Green
  • Output Protections: Short-circuit
  • Safety Approval: CE UL
  • Size: 65 x 61 x 25mm
  • Battery type: 3.7Volt (1-3Cells) 1~4Ah Li-ion BatteriesDetail Description
    Features Overview:
    1. The charger is designed with a wide input voltage range from 90-265 VAC making it an ideal choice for any worldwide application
    2. Efficiency > 70%
    3.MCU control, C.C.+C.V. charge method
    4.Lithium battery charger designed for 3.7V Li-Ion battery
    5. With UL and CE approval, ROHS  process for li-ion battery charger

    1. Short circuit protection: when the output of charger is shorted , the charger will  close output automatically without any damage
    2. Overload protection:   When  internal temperature  exceeds 80 ℃, the charger will reduce output current.