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2000W Electric Car Waterproof Smart Charger

Item No.: S2000
2000Watts Electric Drone and Electric Boat charger and smart LiFePO4/Li-Ion/Lead-Acid battery charger  is Lithium Battery Charger or Lead Acid Battery Charger,and used to Lithium/Li-ion Battery,Lead-Acid Battery
Description 2000W Battery Charger
LiFePO4/Lithium Ion/Lead Acid 2000W Battery Charger
1. AC Input Voltage: 90~264VAC universal AC input voltage.
2. Charge Voltage: battery pack charge voltage.
3. Charge Current: vary with the charge voltage.
4. AC Plug: Country-specific power plug.
5. Battery type: LiFePO4, Lithium Ion or Lead Acid.
6. Battery normal voltage and maximum charge current: (charge voltage)*(charge current)<2000Watts(with Fan) for 220VAC; (charge voltage)*(charge current)<1200Watts(with Fan)  for 110VAC;
7. Smart charger Build in MCU, output cutoff when fully charged. isolated CAN communication or isolated RS-485 communication protocol for option.
8. Dimension:260*158*92MM
9. N.W.:3.9KG
Electric car smart charger, Electric Drone and Electric Boat charger. Fully compliant with ISO11898-1(CAN2.0 B).