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120W LiFePO4/Li-Ion/Lead-Acid Battery E-bike Charger

Item No.: S120
S120 120W LiFePO4/Li-Ion/Lead-Acid E-Bike Battery Charger,120W chargers suit for Lithium/Li-ion Battery,Lead-Acid Battery.And conform to UL,CE,GS safety standard.
Product parameters
Lithium Ion Battery Charger: 120W Li-ion Battery Chargers
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers: 120W Lead-Acid Chargers
Description 120W Battery Charger
LiFePO4/Lithium Ion/Lead Acid 120W Battery E-Bike Charger 
1. AC Input Voltage: 100~240VAC. Universal AC input voltage without built-in PFC.
2. Charge Voltage: battery pack charge voltage.
3. Charge Current: vary with the charge voltage. less than <12V5A, <24V4A, <36V2.5A, <48V2A
4. AC Plug: Country-specific power plug.
5. Battery type: LiFePO4, Lithium Ion or Lead Acid.
6. Battery normal voltage and maximum charge current: less than <12V5A, <24V4A, <36V2.5A, <48V2A
7. Dimension:135*90*50mm
8. N.W: 0.8KG
9. Warranty: 2 Years
10.Battery Charger include Lithium Battery Charger and Lead Acid Battery Charger